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The Chauffeurs


Uniformed, and friendly chauffeurs, ready with a smile.


Supercars are not every day road cars and they need to be driven with skill and care due to their large engines and intense acceleration abilities.

Not only are our chauffeurs lucky enough to drive the cars, they are the proud owners of these vehicles too. Knowing the cars capabilities and limitations, they can give the passengers a thrilling and exhilarating experience which make for unforgettable wedding day memories, yet all within safe boundaries.

Our wedding chauffeurs will arrive early to collect you from your start address, whether it is from home or a venue you are staying at. They will make sure the car is picture perfect and if you have booked us to stay for after service happy couple photos, rest assured they will be preparing the car to look at its best again.

Our chauffeurs know that however organised you might be, last minute nerves can take over, so they are on hand to help out; a chat during the drive, forgotten baby wipes, a mint, helping with ties, pinning on name but a few things we have done. We always have an umbrella handy for this inclement country too!

If you have booked us to take you to your reception your wedding chauffeur will make sure everything is in order before departing so you can enjoy the rest of your special day together.

Oh, one last thing, our chauffeurs come booted and suited with a smile.


Supercar Weddings

If you have ever fancied going to your wedding day in a real Italian V12 Ferrari or Lamborghini or a V8 American Ford Mustang, we can make your dream come true.


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